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I didn't receive my Log In.

Although signing up to TeachEzy is automated, sometimes the internet and computer gremlins take over.

Before contacting us at teachezy@bigpond.com, please check your "junk" folder and the email you use for PayPal. We try to get back to you ASAP should you have any issues...we can usually sort them very quickly. We are a very small team but we work hard to help our customers.

What will I get for my money?

Everything on on the site - 14000+ pages of resources and any new resources we add for that year...we usually add about a new resource each week. There is only some hard goods and a couple of resources in the Shop that are NOT included.

If I join, will I be automatically billed each year?

No. Your subscription lasts for 1 year only. If you wish to rejoin, we would very much appreciate it, but that is your decision - we do not do automatic resubscribe. If you do have any issues though, just let us know and we can fix up just about anything. ūüôā

Can I print out all the resources?

Yes, but remember, there is 14000+ pages so that is about 28 reams of paper and a lot of ink!

The resources won't print.

We print most of the resources ourselves as we do them, so we know that they print. If you are having trouble, please try saving the PDF to your computer after you download it and then print. If this fails, try restarting your computer and/or printer. Check you have the latest version of PDF reader - it's free. Throw your printer on the floor and stomp on it...no, just kidding. Before you contact us, try a PDF from another site. It will possibly be something to do with your printer and/or computer, not the PDF, although we have once set the security so tight on one of our resources that it didn't allow printing (oops!).

Do I need any other resources besides what is on the Website?

Many of the resources have everything included but there are also some that require some preparation, e.g. making up a music CD for the dance activities that we cannot provide due to copyright issues, laminating and cutting, etc. Some of the craft activities also will need extra items and you will have to provide your own books for reading, although links have been given to some online resources. For the day plan resources, please check the session Toolbox for each session before you head out the door to make sure you have everything.

Do I need to Like you on Facebook?

No, but on Facebook you will keep up to date with what is on our website including freebies, new resources and revisits.  The Pinterest site will also provide  huge number of ideas for the classroom...obviously, this is at no cost. Join our mailing list if you don't like Facebook - that will keep you up to date and it's free too. We have a FREE App on Google Play and in the Apple Store - just search for TeachEzy. These have even more lessons - FREE.

Which site should I subscribe to?

This site is suitable for teachers teaching preschool to Year 1. There is an overlap of resources but if you need the EYLF resources, please subscribe to Early Childhood and TeachEzy K-6.

Can I share my resources with other Teachers?

As part of your subscription, you are required to NOT share your Log In details or resources. Our yearly fee is less than one hour of teaching wage and we think that is super fair - amazing value. We would be happy for you to give other teachers a couple of your resources to try out (thanks for the free advertising) but we think we have kept the resources at a very affordable price and would appreciate your support by not sharing too much.

Do you have a school fee?

We don't have a set fee as every school and preschool is a different size. If you email us at teachezy@bigpond.com with the number of teachers that will be accessing the site, we can certainly give you a reduced fee per teacher, send you an invoice and create a login they can all use.

Some of your advice is just commonsense. Why so much detail?

TeachEzy wants to ensure that they provide helpful information to all teachers and casual teachers, including those just starting out in teaching. Sometimes, what is obvious to an experienced teacher, isn't so obvious to a new teacher. TeachEzy prefers they learn it here rather than the "hard way".  If you are an experienced teacher, please ignore some of the "extra" advice, e.g. take a hat to school, never be alone with a child, don't take a knife into class; make sure children put on paint shirts, etc. I made obvious mistakes when I first started, e.g. don't send children up a ladder to pin up displays (particularly as the Principal walks past); the word "crap" is not acceptable; do not use the Deputy's favourite coffee mug; find out about the children in your class or one may run away or have a meltdown because of a "fun" activity you had planned...and so on.

Do I have to pay for new resources that are placed on the website?

No. Once you subscribe for the 12 months at $32, there is no extra charge for new resources added to the website. New resources will be added regularly and we do announce some of them on our Facebook page or in our "news" on the front of the website. Join our newsletter and keep up to date...it is free also.

How to Unzip a file
We use a zip file as it is an easy way to transfer big items to you.

In Windows Vista, 7 & 8 you will find a pre-installed unzip feature that will enable you to click on the zip file to view content without having to unzip.

For XP Users -¬†‚ÄúRight click‚ÄĚ on the ZIP file folder;¬†Select ‚ÄúOpen with‚ÄĚ then¬†‚ÄúChoose program‚ÄĚ.¬†Select ‚ÄúCompressed (zipped) folders‚ÄĚ
Check ‚Äúalways use selected program to open this kind of file‚ÄĚ and finally¬†Select ‚ÄúOK‚ÄĚ. This will allow you to¬†open ZIP files as a Win 7 or 8 users.

‚ÄúRight click‚ÄĚ on the ZIP file and then choose¬†¬†‚ÄúExtract all‚ÄĚ -¬†Select a ‚ÄúDestination‚ÄĚ and¬†Select ‚ÄúOK‚ÄĚ

Click on the folder where it is now saved and the clipart will appear.

For Mac Users  click on the product ZIP file and a folder should appear. If no success, hold down the control key and click the product file icon. Select "open with" and then select "archive utility".

Alternatively, you can use a free program like 7-zip to open ZIP files:
You can download this free application from here: http://www.7-zip.org/

OR you can use online ZIP file opening websites like http://unzip-online.com/zip

 Question you are after not here?

Email Veronica at teachezy@bigpond.com  We will get back to you ASAP.

It's the weekend/evening and no-one  is answering emails?

We usually answer emails over the weekend. There will be some times when we are away camping off grid, swimming at the beach, out to lunch/dinner, watching a movie, drinking wine and actually having a life of some sort. We apologise for these times - there is not enough of us to roster on 24/7. We know teachers do a lot of work over the weekends and at night so we do try to be available as much as possible during those times.

What happens if I sign up to the wrong website?

We will just swap you over...easy peasy!

What happens if I sign up twice by mistake?

Sometimes teachers have signed up, did not receive notice, so went off to PayPal and signed up again. We can solve most problems and that's an easy one - we will refund one.

I bought something in the shop and then decided I wanted to be a member?

Just email us if you have done that, although we have probably already noticed if we are on the ball that day. We can easily refund your shop purchase if you have become a member very soon after purchasing the product...like, within a few days.

What are the App printouts?

We have a free App on Google Play and in the Apple Store. We try to update this APP weekly. Download it and check it out - it's FREE.

Is TeachEzy Australian?

Yes. We are situated in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Who is TeachEzy?

Check out our About Us page...Jenny has just finished being involved and Bob my IT won't let me take a photo of him.  Sigh!

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