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TeachEzy's goal is to free up your valuable time...We want to ease your workload and provide useful resources for the classroom. We know how important work/life balance is as we work on our own every single day and we understand with teaching how much work is done after hours at home. We want to reduce the after hours so you can spend more time with family and friends, which in turn will make you a better teacher. We all want a happy teacher for our children.

We provide resources for teachers from K-6 including step-by-step day plans suited to casual teachers. Where possible we link to the Australian Curriculum and Common Core USA.

We are still early providers in this area; we are learning so much every day and we hope to grow and grow. Your constructive (and supportive) feedback is always appreciated if you would like to drop us an email. We are working hard to make this a successful website and will be adding resources weekly at no extra cost...suggestions are always welcome.

Our resources since 2014 mostly include our own clip art so you won't see the same images everywhere. It is part of our work that we truly love - the creative side...examples of these can be found in 3 of our alphabets - Transport, Pirates and Princesses and Australian Animals. Our clip art library grows on a daily basis so our resources are uniquely stamped with our own artwork.


I am a mother, casual and temporary Teacher in NSW Australia. For the past 3 years I have only worked as a casual teacher and that is becoming less and less as TeachEzy takes over my very limited time. I have taught children from Kindergarten to Year 6, with over 2 years in a multi-grade classroom of students from K-6. I will be taking a break from teaching very soon to focus on TeachEzy full time.

TeachEzy is a web-based start-up business venture that came about by circumstance. My son is severely intellectually disabled and this is my way of creating a business that can be planned around his day, his appointments and unique needs. He is the hardest part of my life as well as the best parts - beautiful and demanding.  I am supported by some wonderful friends and disability respite workers who I couldn't do without.Over the years I have had some great people working with me.

My wonderful friend Jenny also has a disabled son and we have have been sharing our disability journey for 19 years now. She was the first person I turned to when I needed more help. Jenny is an artist and has worked in early childhood. We have both spent many years attending Early Intervention and have a unique understanding of life in the "hectic lane". We have had many years learning from other professionals including occupational therapists and physiotherapists, who have worked with our own sons. Unfortunately, Jenny has had to stop working with TeachEzy due to the increased demands she has had to face as a carer, but is still considered an important part of our team and a dear friend.

For a year, Nikki has handled our social media platform. Nikki is young and like the young crowd, has lived with social media most of her life. She has also been bringing you some of the craft.  Nikki has left TeachEzy for now to pursue other interests but may pop in and out when needed. Bob is my ever patient IT support...I have never met Bob as we work via email and phone...he lives about 1000 kms away. He has been a lifesaver on more than 100 occasions. Running a website is huge job and his knowledge and work ethic has been outstanding. If you need website building I highly recommend him - you will find a link to Prowebalchemy on the front of the website.


I love to see kids exploring and creating - learning through hands-on activities. This way they are more focused and have a positive school experience. I also love to encourage children to input their own ideas into the lessons...to grow by listening and collaborating with others in the classroom.  Our motto is to "ease the workload" of teachers and parents everywhere. We know from personal experience just how hard teaching can be. We want to help teachers by reducing their workload by providing engaging activities for the classroom as we all know kids learn best when they are interested and enjoy what they are doing.


First Class Honours - Southern Cross University (Bachelor of Education - Primary) University Medal - Southern Cross University 2008


Degree in Education (Primary), Certificate IV in Business.

I hope you enjoy my resources. I get up each morning excited to create more. I love going to work and the variety it brings.  Your support for my work is very much appreciated.

Thanks for your support.


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